Process Improvement

Today's economy requires that businesses take practical approaches to managing productivity and costs.  In the ongoing search to improve productivity, many companies are looking at ways to automate their business processes, making information readily available to its employees, customers, and suppliers.

The idea of "workflow" is automating any repetitive business process for greater efficiency and accountability.  To begin developing a business process workflow system, a business needs to analyze how it works, what its people do, and identify areas for improvement.  

Once processes have been modeled, businesses are able to reduce the number of tasks required in a process by setting process improvement goals.  By eliminating redundancies and bureaucracies, efficiency and productivity increases, quality improves, fewer errors are made, as well as a reduction in time required to complete a process.

Businesses have all sorts of goals and needs, and not all of them are necessarily financial. Technology is often used to solve business problems, but frequently presents challenges in the form of lack of understanding of the capabilities, strengths, and limitations the technology offers.  Northwoods Professional Group addresses how an organization can leverage technology to address key business issues and help the organization attain its efficiency goals.

  • Identify workflows of repetitive business processes for greater efficiency and accountability