Operations Review

The first step to improvement starts by getting a solid perspective on where a business is currently at. The Business Technology Operations Review is an overall look at how integrated the business functions are with the technology operations. It will help pinpoint what improvements or services are needed in order to achieve better business technology outcomes.

The Business Technology Operations Review is for business owners or department directors who ultimately want to achieve an efficient use of technology within their business operations. The review will map the end-user business functions to the technology currently in use. The review will also trace the technology path from the end-user to the source (or final destination), and document the current technology infrastructure in place.

The Business Technology Operations Review is a starting point for knowing the current position with regard to maximizing the use of technology within the business operations. Whether a business is looking to improve the bottom line, enhance productivity, or use technology to realize new business opportunities, the Business Technology Operations Review will articulate the current alignment of technology and business functions and identify gaps that exist.

  • Documents strengths and isolates areas of improvement
  • Maps end-user business functions to technology
  • Determines the alignment of technology and business functions
  • Identifies specific steps to take for making immediate improvements in the utilization of existing technology – leveraging the systems and tools already in place; identifying any necessary changes in the organizational structure; and identifying process improvement strategies