Strategic Planning

Strategic initiatives such as technology and business alignment are most likely to succeed if the initiatives are focused on specific business outcomes. The Business Technology Strategic Plan will create an actionable roadmap that will address several areas of opportunity for the business. The plan includes identifying and scheduling immediate actions for pressing needs, as well as for the longer term. Creating a systematic approach of continuous improvement programs which address people, process, and technology will help meet the objectives and business demands.

The Business Technology Strategic Plan is for business owners or department directors who want to allocate technology spending and resources based on business priorities. The plan contains goals that are measurable, achievable, and time sensitive. Having a Business Technology Strategic Plan in place stimulates thinking to make better use of resources, coordinates and unifies efforts, creates awareness of obstacles, and identifies opportunities for growth.

  •     Allocate technology spending and resources based on business priorities
  •     Create a business technology roadmap
  •     Illustrate how to allocate technology resources
  •     Develop a comprehensive and aligned strategic business technology plan
  •     Create a collaborative decision making process